Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Night That Leads To Day One

My traveling companion Paul was already there waiting for me, he tossed my suitcase in the trunk and we made for our hotel. I was tired yet giddy, glad to be off a plane and already enjoying the sights of a new city, if it wasn’t what I expected it to look like. He had plugged in our hotel into his iPhone – a device I would quickly fall in love with – and we had little trouble finding our way, even though it is a bit of a confusing city to drive in. Anyone who’s ever driven in Boston will know what I mean.

Our first stop was by a Popeye’s, which in the same lot happened to be a grocery store and some other places to eat, like L&L (which I never did get to eat at). Popeye’s was closed, the other places were closing, and it was then we really understood that everything really does close early in Hawaii. I’m talking seven or eight o’clock at night closing times, odd for such a place that depends on tourism. Even in the touristy areas things close really early.

Paul was excited to show me that he met Jorge Garcia that day (Hurley), and got to see the tail end of some filming while he was killing the four hours waiting for my flight to arrive. Very cool, he got some good pictures of him and Jorge, but I’ll keep things spoiler free as to what he saw being filmed. Mostly I was just really excited at his good luck to meet someone from Lost right away – little did we know that this would foreshadow major good luck as far as Lost stuff was concerned for both of us.

We decided to hit the grocery store, both of us too tired to do a big shop, but hungry and especially wanting some booze. Now, those that know me know that there are only three things that really annoy me about living in Canada: the pepperoni, how we can’t use debit cards as credit cards (such as for shopping online) and how you can’t buy beer or wine in the grocery store like civilized human beings. So you can imagine my joy and excitement to not only see beer and wine, but liquor as well! And cheap!

After making short work of picking out our booze and food, it was off to our hotel. Since it was night there wasn’t much to see, oh alright I'll admit that I was marveling over palm trees since let’s face it, the closest I get to that living in Canada is seeing them on TV. Actually, I was really taking in all the flora, since it’s just so vastly different than from where I live now or where I grew up. Anyway, we got to our room and threw open the sliding glass door to check out the view.


Okay, so it was dark at the time and I took that picture the next day, but you get the idea. Nice view of the ocean and marina, and of a nearby park that we kept on saying we wanted to go see but never got around to. Both of us were a bit miffed to find out that a big scene for Lost was shot right at the very marina we would have overlooked a week before we arrived. What a bummer for us, huh?

We settled in by changing into pajamas, mixing up some drinks and digging into our food. My grocery store sandwich was actually pretty good, that or I was just too famished to care. The only thing I didn’t like about it is how everything kept on squirting out the other side whenever I took a bite. Not that the sandwich lasted very long.

A few drinks later and closing in on midnight, we decided to call it a night. Neither of us wanted to A. get seriously drunk and be hung over the next day or B. sleep in too late. Thankfully we both fell asleep quickly considering how jazzed up we were to finally be in Hawaii, and of course all our Lost-related plans, which we were going to start first thing the next morning.

Note: I promise the Lost-stuff starts in the next post.

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  1. Had to add: Another scene was shot at the park to the right in the picture, earlier in the day before my flight arrived...a big scene. I think it'll have viewers giddy, very disappointed I missed it.

    Jorge was really cool, and we had a laugh about his and Beth's rat incident.